LED Lighting Australia

 When deciding which LED light to use for your home or business, it is important to choose the right ‘white’ for the job. There are three standard colour temperatures to choose from; warm white, natural white and cool white.


Warm White (2700K - 3000K)

Warm white gives off a slightly yellow-toned light that helps enhance the warm colours in your home, like wood or brick. Warm white bulbs or lamps are most suitable for lounges, hallways and bedrooms - areas where people relax. The colour that a warm white bulb emits is the same colour temperature as the old style incandescent bulbs

Natural White (4000K - 4500K)

Natural white looks sharper under higher colour temperatures and appears more normal in high lighting situations than other colour temperatures. In actual fact, Natural  white gives off a slightly blue tinged light that improves our eyes ability to see contrasts, making it ideal for work areas such as offices, kitchens, workshops and studies. It is also great for use in reading lights.

Cool White (5000K - 6000K)

Cool white appears to be cooler or bluer than 'normal' temps and are generally used for special applications only. These might be areas where high quality colour rendition is required, such as in a retail store or warehouse. They may be mixed with a warm white lamp, or they may be used on their own. Cool white is also useful when special effects are necessary or a ‘cool’ appearance is required e.g. for entertainment areas. 

It is important to note that different bulbs and batches of the same bulb may vary slightly within each colour temperature range.