Help & FAQ's

Q. Do I need seperate drivers for MR16 and MR11 downlights?

A. LED 12V  lamps require LED drivers. Our LED driver supplied in our downlight kits is designed specifically for the respective LED 12V lamps supplied. We also supply the LED drivers individually for all our LED lamps that is not supplied in kit form. Our led driver is designed to suit our entire range of 12V non-dimmable LED lamps which is also available in our LED accessories section. Using a non-compatible driver/ transformer  for a 12V LED Lamp may interfere with your radio transmission or television digital network system.

Q. Do I need separate drivers for GU10 downlights?

A. No, you can replace the old GU10 lamps with the new LED GU10 Lamps.

Q. Is the brightness of a LED light equivalent to an incandescent light bulb?

A. Yes, but they may vary slightly. We provide an equivalent LED wattage compared to an incandescent, however there may be a fraction of a deference to which you may adjust to over a period of 2- 3 days.

Q. Can I replace my LED Bayonet and LED Edison bulbs directly into my existing fixture?

A. Yes, our LED bulbs are fully compatible with existing incandescent fixtures.

Q. Will LED lights work with all dimmers?

A. No, only if the LED bulb/ lamp is a dimmable type and if the dimmer control  is either a Universal or Trailing Edge  type. Our LED light range is compatible with Clipsal and HPM Universal dimmer switches and Trailing Edge Dimmer Type.

Q. What is a lumen?

 A light source is measured in terms of lumen. Lumen is the unit measurement to describe the quantity of this light source. 1 candle light = 1 lumen, 300 candles light = 300 lumens.

Q. What do you mean by beam angle?

A. Beam angle refers to the lights source ability to spread over an area which is generally referred to the beam angle, i.e. 30, 45, 50, 90, 120, 180 degrees, etc.

Q. What is a Gimbal?

A. A Gimbal is a light fixture that has the capability of being rotated in order to project the light in a specific direction.

Q. What are watts?

A. Electrical usage is measured in watts. It is the unit measurement for the power we use, i.e. our electricity bill is measured in kWh, which is watt × 0.0001 per hour.

Q. Do we offer a warranty on our LED products?

A. Yes. All our LED products come with a 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty unless otherwise specified for various reasons. Our 3 Year warranty is also covered by Oz Diodes from your date of purchase.You can read more about this in our Warranty and Returns Policy.